Sensual Massage - Erotic Massage - Body to body Massage - 4 Hands Massage

Sensual Massage

Our Amsterdam company Exclusive Massage, will perform a sensual massage for you. These are not designed to be therapeutic but more to increase your sexual arousal and enjoy the pleasure of pure indulgence. Our erotic massage will heighten your sensitivity with soft very light stroking, using fingers, silk and feathers. A naturist massage (performed in the
nude) will help you feel at ease and enhances the body on body swedish massage experience. Use of hot aromatherapy oils are also used to indulge you further.













Body to body Massage

Why not allow yourself the luxury of a sensual body to body massage

You will experience the body to body massage more as a titillation and foreplay. You will be aroused gently by hands, forearms, breasts and all parts of my body mingling our energies in a sensual , erotic way.













Erotic Massage

A Sensual massage or Erotic massage is typically used between couples when love making. As such our sensual massages here in London are performed naked, (naturist massage) as the techniques we use involve some skin-on-skin contact. Our erotic massage starts with soft light stroking with the fingers all over the body, breath, whispers, feathers, silks, skin on skin, then hot oil, body to body all over swedish massage ending with lingam massage. You will be touched in ways that increase your sexual arousal.













4 Hands Massage

In a regular massage the client can keep track of the movement of the hands. In a four-hands massage the mind simply can't follow the motion of the hands any longer and consequently 'gives up'!

A wonderful relaxation comes over the client as they surrender to the sublime symphony of healing and pleasure created by four hands working together.

This is a totally unique bodywork experience.